People of the Longhouse: The Review

People of the Longhouse; W. Michael, Kathleen O’Neal Gear, 2010; Tom Dougherty Associates, LLC.people-longhouse

Once again husband wife team Gear & Gear take their reader’s back to pre-invasion America  1400-1500 AD, to bring light into dark places and revelation to the unacknowledged foundations of democracy and these here United States.  Beginning with ‘People of the Longhouse’ (book one of four), team Gear begin laying the historical ground work for why east coast NA (particularly the Iroquoian) began the sociological shift from small communities to larger villages called ‘palisades’ (defensible forts) which ultimately led to the formation of the Iroquoian Nation and the establishment of democracy (an idea our Anglo-American history books forgot to mention did not originate with the first colonists).

With this shift in society came things like food shortages, increased violence and war parties whose sole purpose was to steal food and people – namely to replace the woman and children lost when another tribe raided them to steal food and people – namely to replace…you get the picture. A giant snowball effect of I steal from you and kill to survive, you reciprocate by stealing from me and killing to survive, and so forth and so on.

For history buffs, this team of authors will rock your socks off.

For those who become incensed at injustice and the sheer brutality hidden within the human heart…well let me just say, you don’t want to wear a ‘thong’ while your reading this book. Why? Because it could be very bad for your health when they get bunched up and begin to wrap around… well, you’ve got the idea 🙂

This first novel starts out bloody, picks up steam and really gets cranking with all kinds of superstition, anger, resentment, hatred, prejudice, intrigue, deception – not to mention your ordinary, run of the mill human stupidity.  So by the time I got to page 294, not only was I totally disgusted, but I couldn’t wait for the next day to pick up book number two, ‘The Dawn Country’. Oh no! I had to start reading it right then and there.

Dang me if I was going to bed before somebody rescued those kids.

So much for getting any work done on my own novel. Therefore, in order to justify my own irresponsible behavior, I decided to call staying up all night to finish the second novel – ‘research’. (Doesn’t matter that my own novel takes place in a different time, on a different continent, involving a completely different culture….it’s still ‘research’.)

And as always with the team ‘Gear & Gear’, not only does the reader get a great lesson in history, but these authors do a bang up job of creating characters that you hate to love, and love to hate. From the unforgiving War Chief Koracco and her newly divorced husband/Deputy Gonda, to the wicked witch of the west Gannajero the Trader and the Child that haunts her every move…you will discover individuals rich in texture and depth.

On my readers scale of 1-5 stars, I’m giving The People of the Longhouse 4 stars for historical significance, 4 stars for telling a really great story and 2.5 for ‘CDW’ Contributing to the Delinquency of a Writer.

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