Guild Hunter Series: The Review

Guild Hunter Series; Nalini Singh; Berkley Publishing Group, New York, NY archangels legion with shadow

This is another one of those authors I happened onto via Patricia Briggs via Ilona Andrews in the Angels of Darkness anthology. But unlike the duo writers of the Kate Daniels series, this author kicks some series hinder parts all on her own. She also tweaks the bejesus out of my angel theology. I’m not Catholic, but if I were, I’d be tempted to run to confession after every book. And not just for the blasphemy against angels…the hormones between these heavenly beings and their earthly counter parts are anything but immaculate.

All that aside, Singh does a great job with suspense and character development. And we all know what a freak I am about character development…and hers are good. So good in fact that I even like the bad guys. It’s probably the reason I got past the first book – what with stomping all over my religious upbringing and all. Just sayin…

In the Guild Hunter series one of the main characters, Elena Deveraux – vampire hunter supreme – is pitted against Archangel  Raphael, an arrogant bad boy who our heroine cuts down to man size bites. By the time Singh gets done telling her readers about the heroine’s personal and professional conflicts, the reader has a pretty good idea why the Bible says that the ‘sons of God’ hooked up with the ‘daughters of Eve’. If the angels pre-flood were anything like those in the Guild Hunter series, you could understand why.

Dear Lord have mercy….

Singh also does a different take on the whole vampire thing which I found interesting. It’s hard to come up with a new twist on something that has gotten more author mileage than a Michelin tire.

As for the rest of the series…can’t wait till her newest novel, Archangel’s Legion tags my bookshelf next month.

On my reader review scale of 1-5 stars, I’m giving Hunter Guild 3.5 stars for just good reading, and 4 stars for tweaking with my head.


Kate Daniels Series: The Review

Kate Daniels Series; Ilona Andrews, 2007-2013; Ace Books, New York, NY.kate1cover

As my readers know, I am always on the hunt for new reading material (new meaning I haven’t read it yet, not necessarily new as in, just published) and often finish a book only to discover that my ‘read’ pile is empty and I haven’t got a clue where to start looking. Well, lucky for me when this happened just a few weeks before I was due to go on vacation (Who in or out of their right mind does not take at least one if not two books on a vacation? Thank god for eBook’s. I can pack ten novels in one Nook.) I ran across an anthology with several authors I hadn’t heard of and one of them, Ilona Andrews, was being lauded by one of my fav urban fantasy writers, Patricia Briggs (‘Mercy Thompson‘ series).

So I hot tailed it to my 3MCloud and presto chango, there was the Kate Daniels series, starting with ‘Magic Bites’.

Husband-wife team Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series (dear god that’s a mouth full) combines everything I love in a fast and  dirty read; lots of urban fantasy, women warriors  and men who aren’t intimidated by either. I had thought about writing a review on each novel but decided against it under the principal that  first, I read them all in less than two weeks and second, outside of the main conflict, the only thing different is the ongoing romance between part vampire Kate Daniels and her hunky were-man, Curran.

That’s not to say that the stories aren’t good or that I thought the writing cheesy. Actually, the only thing I don’t like about the stories is that they end too soon. As for the cheesy part, beats the heck out of days when the heroines had to settle for pirates and noblemen with corn cobs up their….britches.

Now days our girls go toe to toe with bad boys and sometimes, actually get to kick the bejesus out of them. My kinda chick-flick –  not too much romance (still hate  it when the author takes up ten pages describing well…you know…body parts and stuff I’d just as soon use my imagination for) and lots of good old fashion round house, punch em in the nose, slice off their ears, stab em’ in the eyes, kinda fun.

To date there are nine (I think) books in the Kate Daniels series with several  more in the works. And of the nine, there wasn’t one I didn’t like.

The Ilona Andrews’ team are good at writing action, dialog and hooking the reader with their characters and plot. As with all series like this, each book builds on the relationships of the last adding just enough BS to each new book to keep you current on where in the overall arch of things  Kate is in the ultimate quest to …. And you thought I was going to give that away didn’t you LOL!

The thing I like best about this series is that there are lots of interesting characters that Andrews could do spin offs on. Which they have with Raphael and Andrea in Gunmetal Magic and Jim and Dali in Magic Dreams.

On my reader’s review of 1-5 stars, I’m giving the Kate Daniels series 3.5 stars for story and 4 stars for just good old fashion butt-kickin fun.