The First Re-Write of The First Draft

Writer’s Blog Star Date 1-09-2012

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The re-write. What can be said that probably hasn’t been said a gazillion times before? Or how deep the sigh that hasn’t been sighed before?

As this is my first novel, the kinks that need to be worked out are almost as daunting as getting the story down on Word.doc itself was. Figuring out my writing mojo. How to transport the thought from grey matter to ‘bright white’. When does so-and-so need to do this-or-that, and did you have the character already do it?

How do I move the plot along so that the reader doesn’t doze off after the second page?

Is the character even interesting enough to keep in the story or should I assassinate them with mercy delete?

If it’s true that the character actually tells me what to write, do I need to acknowledge them as co-authors?

Is it OK to add new character’s in the re-write? Can you begin the story differently and should you?

Do I writer better at night or in the morning, and does 4:00 AM constitute evening or morning?

How many cups of coffee will it take to get through the first chapter re-write of the first draft, and should it be coffee? Maybe this would be a great time to begin my New Years resolution to drink more water – less other stuff.

Is junk food really ‘brain food’ or am I being deceived by slick advertising and shiny objects?

Is Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory really that anal retentive? Because if he is, then my cousin Martin could very well be his doppelganger.

OMG! The list goes on and on and I’m only on my first cup of Starbucks French Roast of the morning.

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