Mark of Shamash  Cover new 1

Bastard born and demon-spawned, Serac, a diviner in the Temple of the sun-god Shamash, has just learned that the woman he loves is in love with someone else. Needing to put distance between himself and well meaning friends, Serac goes on a hunting expedition into the hills above Sippar, where he discovers an ancient sacrificial chamber, its walls covered in murals that are as familiar to him as the dreams he’s been having about them since the day he was brought to the Temple as a child.

Pulled into the celli’s stone walls by magic as old as creation, Serac wakes to find himself in the middle of a battlefield where he is captured by Imdugud, Warden of Babylon and the god Marutuk’s son, then taken to an aerie high in the Zagros Mountains. It is there he learns about the Tablets of Destiny. Stones containing prophecies written by the god Anu and the Oracle of Kur. The first predicts the Anunnaki’s destruction as punishment for using men in their age long battle against one another. The second, their salvation — but only if Serac can find the Tablets of Destiny and the Key that unlocks them in time, and to do that, he must first locate the chronicles of a man named ‘Endar’, Keeper of History, Recorder of Knowledge, and the only person who might have left a clue as to where the Tablets are located.

Tasked with finding the Tablets of Destiny, Serac returns to the Temple where he is arrested, nearly killed, then coerced into helping the Captain of Sippar’s Guard, a man who has sworn to kill him, find an ancient amulet and stop a sorcerer from using blood magic to summon a demon from the ABYSS. One he intends using to purge the Land of Kings of its priests and their corruption.

But finding clues to lost Tablets and ancient artifacts are not the only things Serac needs answers to. Raped by a man she trusted, then abandoned to raise his son alone, Serac’s mother refuses to tell him who his father is or why her brother Mordecai wants Serac dead. Born with a birthmark believed by village shamans to be evidence that his mother’s assailant had been a demon, Serac now hides the shame of his conception and birth under the robes of the NABU.

With only two weeks until the portal into the ABYSS is at its weakest and the sorcerer will summon the demon through, Serac, with the help of his friends and the Librarian Emmi, search the Temple’s Archives for clues not only on how to stop a sociopathic killer and redeem the gods, but how to free himself from a past that has the power to define his future, for good or evil — the choice is up to him. Or is it?

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