Cold Days:The Review

cdcover_medCold Days; Jim Butcher, 2012; ROC, NY

When it comes to being a Harry Dresden groupie, I’m as bad as the next guy/gal/humanoid type person; I just love a guy who throws his coat over mud puddles so a gal can walk through it, then turns around and kicks the crap out of whatever vampire/faerie and or demon forgot to get out of his way.

But…and here’s the rub, Harry has a tendency to spend the first thirty or so pages feeling incredibly sorry for himself. So much so, I almost put the book down. Seriously! Me! A die hard Harry Dresden fan debating whether I have what it takes to wade through Harry’s whine and cheese party. If it hadn’t been for the loyalty thing I’m not sure if I would have made it. But I am, and I did. Thankfully!

After the party was over, Butcher did what Butcher does; write some of the best butt kicking, magic throwing, faerie droppin’, fiction out there. And once he gets on a roll, it’s like getting caught up in the maelstrom of a Harry Dresden’s wizardry whirlwind; the kind that takes you all the way to home plate with little time for naps, breathing, or getting a bearing on just how in the heck he got you to wherever it is your at. And for an added treat, unlike the other thirteen Harry Dresden stories (plus one anthology), Cold Days gives the reader a glimpse into where the author and his characters might be headed. Have to say it gave me goose bumps just thinkin’ about it.

As always, Butcher does an exhaustive job of weaving his plots and sub-plots in and out; so much so, the reader needs to take periodic plot readings just to verify where in the tangled web of things Harry is, verses where you think he intends to go.

Not complaining…just sayin. It’s what makes the Dresden Files the Dresden files; intrigue within intrigue, within intrigue. How in the heck does the guy keep his head on straight. (Well come to think of it he almost didn’t in “Ghost Story”)

But seriously, reading Harry Dresden stories reminds me of a friends 63′  289 V8 Ford Fairlane; it might take a little while get the car up to maximum speed, but once you do, boy can that baby fly.

On my readers scale of one to five stars, I have to give Cold Days 3. 75 (if Harry hadn’t whined so much, I’d have given him 4).