It’s Sunday | He Speaks in Tongues

Its Sunday & He Speaks in Tongues

By  SSpjut

Jonathan had been preparing for this day since he was six years old and stepped through the canvas parted opening of his first Big Tent meeting in a wheat field just outside Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Even now, if he closed his eyes and concentrated,  he could still hear the ripple of murmured voices, smell the sweat tang of ozone and rain-soaked earth, feel the crackle of anticipation in the movement of  freshly iron shirts, summer dresses, and long, cool, cotton gloves.  (read more)


On Fear Ziana - Mark of Shamash

Keys of Destiny: Mark of Shamash by SSpjut

Keys of Destiny: Mark of Shamash by SSpjut

Keys of Destiny | Mark of Shamash | By SSpjut

Quote Mark of Shamash, 2