Cannon Beach

September for me was full a new ideas, going back to school along with taking a much needed break at one of my favorite places on earth – Cannon Beach, Oregon.

The first time I went there was when my sons, Aaron and Stephen, were four and seven.  Since then I’ve had several opportunities to go back and never once have I been disappointed. No matter what the weather is like – sunny, cloudy or storm tossed – Cannon Beach has always been for me, a place of endless possibilities.

I also had a chance to connect with friends I haven’t seen in over twenty years.

You know how there are friends that, no matter how much time goes by before you see each other, it’s as though no time has passed at all? Well, meeting up with Helen and Lisa was like that. From the moment we saw each and squealed like teenage girls, if felt as if we’d only stepped out of the room for a moment, and now were picking up the conversations exactly where we’d left off all those years ago.

FYI – we’ve no intentions of waiting twenty years before the next get together.

Next month I hope to have a surprise for you. I’m horrible at keeping secrets, but I’ve promised myself that I’m not going to spill the beans on this one, so you’ll just have to wait and see.

Okay. Just a hint. It’s someplace where things definitely go bump in the dark.

Oh yeah. Here’s some pics from my vacation (and a few I borrowed from the Passive Guy). Is it just me or does Hay Stack rock look like a sleeping dragon? And what about the stones jutting out of the ocean? I’m thinking they might be forgotten sentinels. Guardians, sent here by the gods to watch over the inhabitants of the Northwest.

What do you think?




Sharin the journey –

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