Writers Journal Vol 2.7


Library – A Refuge From Reality

Before there was Google or Yahoo or Bing or SEO’s, there were libraries: entities of great wisdom and knowledge; archives of fact, fiction, history, speculation and education.

Since I was old enough to read the titles on the spine of a book, I have been going to the library. Whether it was the one in my school, the town we lived in or the book mobile that parked at the end of my neighborhood once a month – I was combing their shelves  for either new adventures to indulge myself in or sources of information to write whatever homework assignment my teachers had given me.

A refuge from reality where I was able to feed my growing addiction to story – be it fantasy, paranormal, romance, mystery or adventure.

The locations may have changed since then, but that same sense of adventure and excitement I felt while walking through their hallowed doors at age six, hasn’t. If anything, its grown. Decades later and you can still find me there, eagerly pursing row upon row of brightly colored books, my eyes scanning the blurbs on the back of interesting looking covers in search of new adventures by my favorite authors or those authors whose works I have yet to discover.

Though I appreciate the convenience of sitting at my desk and at the click of an icon, read whatever book I’ve just downloaded, that experience will never replace the feeling of well-being I get while passing through the portals of a library; their quite halls filled with an unspoken assurance of peace that tells my inner child all she and I need do in order to satisfy our mutual hunger for story and information, is choose the books we want to read, swipe our member card beneath a red beam of light, then repeat the process with each of the books waiting to go home with us.

Just as the library offered me a place of refuge from life as a child, it continues to be the one place I can  go as an adult where the requisite for my being able to escape into its hallowed stacks, is the zip zip of my library card followed by a silent nod of unspoken anticipation towards the ‘Guardian of Knowledge’ sitting beneath the sign marked ‘Information’.

So when was the last time you took a stroll down the hallowed halls of your local Library?

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