The Review: Skin Games

19486421 Skin Game; Jim Butcher, 2014

Hi, my name is Shawn Spjut and it’s been 3 days, 6 hours and 45 seconds, since I read my last Harry Dresden novel.

There. I freely admit to being completely addicted to the White Wizard-Dark Knight-best-of-intentions, but-my-choices-just-keep-getting-me-further-and-further-into-trouble, Harry Dresden. A character who welds magic like a bull in a china shop, has so many vulnerabilities its like reading Swiss Cheese, and is completely lovable – smartass mouth and all.

My only question is, if wizards really do live long lives, how in heck will Harry make it to a hundred and fifty, without some series prosthetics, and a lot of pharmaceuticals? No man, wizard, or supernatural being (outside of were’s, vampires, and shape shifters), can get beaten up, thrown down, stomped on, broken or bruised as often as he does, and still keeping moving like a young buck for long.

If my calculations are right, this guys only in his thirties, maybe early forties, and he’s already in need of some serious mojo to keep from feeling the pain.

Just sayin . . .

Now before I rave any further, I have to admit, after reading Ghost Story, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to keep going (the only book in the series I didn’t care for). But then along came book #14, ‘Cold Days‘, and my faith in the world of Harry Dresden, Wizard at large, was restored. What better conundrum, than to put a well-intentioned wizard at the beck and call of an evil Mab, and then stick around to see if good really does prevail?

As for the plot? Lets just say, Butcher continues the fight for good and evil with old friends and enemies alike – as well as bringing in a few new twists to do what he does best; fight bad guys, create chaos and mayhem, tease us with romance, then leave us begging for more.

On my readers scale of 1-5 stars, I’m giving Skin Game 3.99999 stars for being a great read, and Jim Butcher 4, for knowing where to let the curtain fall.

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