Reality Check For Authors: #24 Are All ‘Arks’ Created Equal

images (11) #24   Are All ‘Arks’ Created Equal

We all know the story of The Flood and how Noah built an ark, filled it with family and friends, then took a year long cruise. A story with a beginning, a middle and an end. Crisis, journey>climax, resolution. A story told by innumerable cultures in vast and colorful ways. Each adding their own spin to a classic tell.

Reality Check #26: The art of telling and weaving stories has been around for – well just about forever. And in all that time, the basics haven’t really changed. Just like the story of Noah And The Ark, every story has it own ‘arc’ of creation. Adventures told in threes acts – beginning, middle and end. Characters on a mission, who have to over coming obstacles, that bring them to a climax, which then gains them a prize. The difference is in the telling  or how you, as the author and finisher of your work, tell the tellin‘. 

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