Reality Check For Authors #23: Knowing the Beginning From the End


“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”  Ray Bradbury

Writing a stand-alone novel has as many challenges to it as writing the same story in a series. Each comes with its own blend of how-the-hell-do-I-tell-this-in-350-pages-or-less, kind of tension. For the stand alone, it’s a one time shot. For the same story to be told over a number of books, it’s the whole, bringing-resolution-without-end dilemma or, how much of the story gets revealed in book one, how much in book two and so on. Neither one is easy. Both require the author to think beyond the moment. To stretch their imagination to encompass the whole and not just the part.

Reality Check #23: Whether you’re a panzier or a plotter, knowing the beginning, middle and end of the story before you write it, is as important in the series as it is in the stand-alone (unless of course your R.A Salvatore’s Drizzit Do’urde, whose immortality gives the author endless opportunities). Why? Because if you don’t know where your going, how will your characters?



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