Reality Check For Authors #22: Failure – A Writer’s Platform to Success

images (11)For most newbie authors (and some not so new) getting the story right the first time means fewer moments of feeling as though what you’ve just written, is garbage. It’s a way of passively robbing the editor in your head of the power to criticize, critique or comment in general. It’s the perfectionist, type a personality disorder, that drives you into thinking that ‘real writers’ never make mistakes, never write anything bad, and the only revisions they ever make are grammatical.

Reality Check for Authors:  Just as most entrepreneurs will tell you, for every success they experienced,  there were umpteen million failures that preceded it, so most successful authors will tell you, for every bestseller they wrote, there is a wastebasket filled with ten other stories, that weren’t.  In other words, in order for an author to really succeed, they must first learn to see everything, good, bad or otherwise, as a platform for creative brilliance.

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