Reality Check For Authors #21: Perspective is 9/10ths of the Work

4460976042_a1c8902046_oAs writers we love the sound of our own ideas, the ratta-tap-tap of fingers on keyboards and the blinking cursor as it flies over the page. There is something profoundly accelerating about seeing our own thoughts and fantasies come alive on a white back ground, even if white is our least favorite color. And when we finally reach the end of what we believe is a truly brilliant piece of work, we can hardly wait to pick up our trusty quill and begin revising.

Reality Check for Authors; The only way to gain a healthy perspective of our work is to put time and distance between the first draft and the revision(s). Picking up that pen, marker or ‘edit-mode’, without giving ourselves an opportunity to disconnect from our work, is like letting someone who has gone to a party and drank too much, drive themselves or others home. Not! Just as friends don’t let friends drink and drive, friends don’t let writers, write and edit until they’ve had time to ‘sober up’.

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