Reality Check For Authors #19: Nothing Lasts Forever


images (11) There’s no such thing as writer’s block. That was invented by people  in California who couldn’t write. – Terry Pratchett

Traditional Publishing, Vanity Press, Indie Publishing, Self-Publishing; Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes; Borders, Blockbuster, Hollywood video; everything changes, nothing stays the same. Including the gravy train of eBooks, POD, $.99 Bestsellers and what it means to be on Amazon’s KDP Select, top one hundred list. Ships sail and ships sink, but the one thing never changes is – nothing, not even publishing, lasts forever.

Reality Check For Authors #18: Be it the way we write, what we write or how we intend to share it with an ever-changing readership, our willingness, as authors, to be the captains of our own ship and begin embracing-experimenting with new genres, new publishing platforms, different marketing strategies and innovative author-novel-discoverability, is what will separate the faint of heart, from those who know how to put on the big panties, cow-boy/girl up and be willing to do whatever, go wherever and write whatever it takes to weather the changes ahead.


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