Reality Check For Authors #18: One Size Does Not Fit All

“Indie publishing lets me feed my inner control freak.” ― Michelle M. Pillow

One size dimages (2)oes not fit all. What works to power the sales of a Traditionally Published author, will not necessarily work to fuel the sales of Indie-Self Published author. Why? Because in Traditional Publishing, the goal of the publisher is to sell an author’s book to distributors and retail outlets – not the reader. In the Indie-Self Published world, the goal of every author is to connect and sell directly to the reader. No middle man – just you and whatever venue you’ve chosen to make yourself known on. (Even should you choose to sell your POD from a retail outlet, it’s still you doing the ‘distributing’, not some person in the middle.)

Reality Check For Authors #19 is: if you’re planning on being an Indie-Self Published author, then you’ll need to start thinking like an Indie-Self Published author (instead of a Traditionally Published one). And one of the fastest way to begin making that metamorphic changeover is, stop trying to imitate the Traditional boys and girls, and start paying attention to what successful Indie-Self Published ones are doing instead. Including, but not limited to, the way you see yourself (Are you an author, a business person, or both?), to how you intend to make the connect between your book and the reader (Are you looking for one night stands, or are you willing to invest in the long-term relationships?), to what will you do when the well runs dry (What kind of marketing plan do you have in place for your book (s)?).

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