Reality Check For Authors #17: TDQ Too-Damn-Quiet

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway

It’s 6 AM and this is the second day, week, maybe even month, that you’ve sat down to work on the great American novel and . . . nothing. Nada! Gar nicht! Not a darn thing. Blank. No words. No images. No ‘What if’s’. No ‘Who done it’s.’ Not even the ‘Sound of Music’, with Julie Andres and Christopher Plummer, running around your head. Like the aftermath of WWI – all is quiet on the Western Front.

TDQ: Too damn quiet for a writer trying to finish a novel.

Reality Check For Authors #17 is: Anyone and everyone who has ever written anything, will tell you that there will be times when the characters and or plot of their story will have absolutely nothing to say. This is when the smart ones know (and that would be you and me), having multiple projects in the hopper (such as a 500 WC Prompted Novella called ‘The Remnant‘, or a weekly post like ‘Reality Check For Authors‘) can do wonders for helping the muted Muse in your brain to get over herself, and start talking once again.

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