Reality Check For Authors #16: Fairy Tales and The Case of Not So Much

72For those who have chosen to make writing a profession, being able to sit down, day after day in front of a laptop, desktop, iPad or What-Have-You-Pad, is a dream come true: a life spent in endless creativity,  churning out boundless works of intellectual wonder; a Utopian existence of unlimited imagination.


Reality Check For Authors #16: The number of minutes, hours, days, maybe even weeks that a professional author – such as yourself – can expect to have endless streams of creativity flowing out of your cerebral cortex, is less than a million to one (I made that up – but you get the point). It’s a ‘Fairy Tale’ told by twisted people who have either never written a book, or when they did, used chemical enhancements to accomplish it. The Reality is, real writing is not so much about the initial brilliance, but the willingness to sit down for countless hours, pecking away at a sentence, scene or even entire chapters, not because you’ve acquired magical powers, but because when all is said and done, it’s not fairy dust that writes really great novels, but good old fashion, hard work.

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