Reality Check For Authors #14: Unplugged or Undone

imagesPaying Homage to the National Day of Unplugging.

As authors we love to write, we write to love and we write for well, darn near any and all reasons – discovered and undiscovered. In other words, we are OCD writing fanatics and god help the person who tries to get between us and our words.

But there are times, maybe days, even weeks (we pray not months and years) when, for our own sanity, we must unplug from the laptop, iPad or whatever gadget we’re currently pecking away on.

Some of us rejuvenate our brain cells by spending time with family and friends, dig in our gardens, cook, paint, work out at the gym – whatever it is that floats our writing boat. For the more dedicated cave dwellers, it might prove invigorating to binge on an entire Season 4 of Downton Abbey (- not saying this is how I spent my break for sanity day.) or Veronica Roth’s ‘Divergent Trilogy’. (- another suggestion I’m not saying I’ve personally engaged in.)

Reality Check For Authors #14: It is essential to the sanity of your well-being (and quite possibly that of your families) that you schedule, force, browbeat or bribe yourself into taking time away from the writing addiction of your choice and unplug. If you need to soothe the savage beast of perfectionism in order to justify such ungrateful behavior, then call it research (Yes, 8 hours of Downton Abbey can be considered research – learning to juggle multiple plot lines, development of characters, making antagonists like the nasty Thomas Barrow, hateful and interesting all at the same time.). Zen, mind yoga or your own special version of luminosity – whatever it takes to ease your conscious and lift the heavy burden of a writer’s version of guilt, shame and condemnation.

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