Reality Check For Authors #13: When Too Much of a Good Thing, Is Too Much of a Good Thing


“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” ― Stephen King

Every writer will tell you that there is nothing like the smell of a blank page (or iPad) and the beginning of a new story to get the old juices flowing. And if you write fiction, particularly SF or Fantasy, then you know that spending hours, days, even months world building, is half the thrill of actually writing the novel. It’s just so exciting to create all those places and creatures and plots and subplots.

But what happens if a writer tries to incorporate all of that good stuff into a single novel? They get a watered down protagonist, a diffused story, and a circus act where you are forcing the reader to juggle way too many of your good ideas at once.

Reality Check For Authors # 13: if you’ve got more than one main plot and one or two sub-plots going on in the same story, it’s time to put on the big writer panties and starting cutting; either permanently or by pasting into another file marked “Future Story Ideas”. A great way to save future works of brilliance.

An article by Jennifer Cruise entitled,  Managing Plot and Subplot does a brilliant job of demonstrating this.

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