Reality Check For Authors #10: The Hardest Part of Writing – Is Writing.

“I do not over-intellectualize the production process. I try to keep it simple: Tell the damned story.”
—Tom Clancy, WD

There are a gazillion articles, post, blogs, buy-me-now advise and or tools for writing a novel, memoir or whatever. And some of them are worth the read (others, not so much). But what few if any of them seem to have the kahunas to say is . . . writing is hard. Damn hard. Sounds like a ‘duh-should-of-had-a-V8-comment’, but hey, it is true none the less. Getting that first draft down is no piece of cake – at least not a first draft that isn’t a 25K word count novella. (And I don’t care what NaNoWriMo says, 99.999% of writers don’t crank out 50K in 30 days.)

Reality Check For Authors is –  Just do it! Write it! Get the first draft down no matter if its good, bad or so horrible you wouldn’t trust your mother not to shred it. Why? Because believe it or not, getting that first draft finished will do two things. First, it’ll make you feel incredibly warm and fuzzy inside and second, you’ll have the  beginnings of a book (good, bad or mamma shredding horrible) that you can now actually begin crafting into something even your mamma will be proud of.

One comment

  1. tonikayk · February 27, 2014

    It isn’t only hard but terrifying at the same time. I need to get ta crakin’

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