Reality Check For Authors #9: Social Media – Being a User, Not a Loser

tina and IBy SSpjut/01/21/14

With more social media demands being made upon authors than  all the toes and fingers we were born with (and depending on what planet you’re from, that can vary), is it any wonder that the net profit of pharmaceutical companies manufacturing anti acids in the last five years, has increased as well.

Don’t believe me? Spend a couple of days of your vacation going over the plethora of self-proclaimed expert blog/web sites, and see if I’m not right. By the time you’ve followed all their advise,  and done the daily things they say you need  to do, you’ll have invested more time Tweeting, FaceBooking and Googling  than you did working on whatever novel, self-help or inspirational MS you are trying to get written. (Unless of course you can afford your own PR agent, then ignore this post entirely.)

Reality Check #9: For the majority of authors, be they traditional, indie, or self-published, social media should be a tool, not a way of life. Use it for what it is – an instrument with which you can build community, get to know your readers and fellow writers, while practicing saying a lot in a very short period of time, with just under 144 characters. Otherwise, you could very well find your self being sucked down the rabbit hole of someone else’s dream, rather than your own.


  1. tonikayk · January 22, 2014

    I sit silently in the cool darkness of my private chambers, and with heaving breast I agree. I want more cake.

    • SSpjut · January 23, 2014

      Would you like that cake with coffee, or tea? LOL

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