Reality Check For Authors #7: Flash Flood or Gradual Rise

images (6)With all the pressure for author’s to build ‘an audience’, ‘develop a network’, create a ‘personal brand’, and pimping yourself out to total strangers…all because you just wanted someone to buy/read/appreciate and review your literary children. Is it any wonder writers need strong stimulants just to face another day?

On top of all that mind-blowing process, we must decide; Whether it is better to flash flood the world with our presence or send out the invite to a select group or genre? Do we treat the entire world as our ‘friend’ or remember what momma always said, ‘Bad company makes for bad character’ – censoring who we choose to associate our work with?

It’s a tough decision that every writer has to make at some point – preferably before we’re ready to publish and are forced to. And what’s even trickier, there are no right or wrong answer. There is only us/we/you, the manuscript, and an entire world at our finger tips, just waiting for us, the proverbial ‘fresh meat writer’, to decide where it is we are going to dip our creative toes in.

So Reality Check for Author’s #7: Will you be a flash flood or gradual rise?  Only you can decide how you want the world of authorship, readership, publishing and social media fan groups to relate to you. Are you the writer, willing to spread the love all over the globe, hoping to hook as many readers as possible – regardless of the value of the return? Or are you going to be the writer who is more selective, and only lowers yourself into waters intent on quality verses quantity?

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