The Dawn Country: The Review

book1The Dawn Country; Michael & Kathleen O’Neal Gear, 2011; Tom Dougherty Associates LLC.

The Dawn Country (book number two out of four in the People of the Longhouse series) picks up where our not so fine feathered friends, War Chief Karocco, her defunct/ex-husband/Deputy Gonda and their recently acquired enemy-friends Akio, Sindakm, Cord and healer/killer Wakdanek are now on the last desperate leg of their attempt to rescue the rest of the missing children and avenge the death of those that the Trader Gannajero either sold to pedophiles or killed because they refused to perform (I warned you in my last review…Guaranteed to bunch up undies…so don’t wear a ‘thong’… just saying.).


Yet…our heroes of this second book are not who you think and by the time you turn the last page, I guarantee you that you’ll be standing in the middle of the room, shaking your fist at imaginary people yelling, “Your damn right”.

My only criticism about this second novel is that Gear and Gear didn’t develop Koracco and Gonda’s new friends as well in this second novel, as they did in the first. Which is a shame really, because in my not so humble opinion, several of their add-in were worth developing. Which in meant the second book, for me, was  a little light on character…which as you know, I think is the best part of any well told story.

Still in all, it was still a really good story and as I mentioned in my review on the People of the Longhouse, laid a good foundation for books three and four, which tell the rest of the story of how the Iroquoian nation was formed and  democracy was born.

On a reader’s scale of 1-5 stars, I’m giving The Dawn Country 3.5 for good story, and 3 for not developing the new characters better.

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