Reality Check For Authors #4 No Flitching

“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.” ― Winston Churchill

This one’s for all you creative buffs that, like moa, who like to make our blogs, posts and FB picture pretty.

Unless you want to run the risk of ticking someone off, make sure that what you’re using to enhance your posts isn’t infringing on someone else’s work. Ergo…don’t be using pics filched from SEO Images like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. without first making sure they are 100% free. Like in, “I won’t get my hinderparts sued off if I put this up on my blog, Tumblr, Pinterest etc..” kind of free.

Blogger Roni Loren posted how she got sued by a photographer who discovered her using one of his pictures and,  not satisfied to merely ask her to remove it, made his ire abundantly clear by causing her financial damage as well. Roni Loren has a great article on the subject with must use links.

So today’s Reality Check For Authors is: No Flitching. If you want to make it pretty, then be sure to either use pics you’ve taken yourself, or go to places like Creative Commons licensed pics or Wikimedia Commons.

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