Reality Check For Authors #1: ‘Suiting Up’

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ” ― Walt Disney Company

You’ve finished your umpteenth million re-write. Spent more time writing the synopsis than you did the book, and are now on the verge of querying that very long or short list of  agents when you suddenly realize… Crap! You’ve spent the last 6-12 months writing a book, not building a…Personal Brand.

That’s right. The Nightmare on Author Street. That hellish rabbit hole of social presence that every author must suit up for, whether they like it or not. And god help us if we’ve waited until the last minute to actually think about it, let alone take steps to create one.

We can lie to ourselves and others if we want, but we all know it’s true. So unless we’ve become a social media addict (which, if we’re going to put all the cards on the table, most of us have been hi-jacked into) then we’d  much rather spend our time talking to fictional people, creating imaginary worlds, and drinking or smoking legal stimulants of our choice.

Because let’s face it, if we authors really wanted to be social butterflies, we’d be doing what all social butterflies do…leave our laptop cocoons and go out into the real world and get a real job. Or at least one that involved interacting with something other than avatars.

So today’s Reality Check For Authors – put on the big boy/girl panties and get out there and Tweet, Facebook and Blog your little heart out. Why? Cuzzz folks, if you want the world to run over themselves to buy/read and review your books, you’d best get to work letin em know who the heck you are.


  1. tonikayk · October 30, 2013

    There goes the writing time which FB has already reduced.

    • SSpjut · October 30, 2013

      Yea. It’s a real pain in the hinder parts too. Just to keep up with the very little I already do takes about 1-2 hrs. a day out of my writing time. That’s without book promo’s. Jeesh. Definitely an investment for the long haul.

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