Witch Wraith: The Review

15743711Witch Wraith; Terry Brooks, 2013; Del Ray

Number Tres in Terry Brooks trilogy “The Dark Legacy of Shannara”, is by far the best of the three. Like fine wine, Mr. Brooks has saved the best for last and we salute’ him for it.

There are some books that I have read in one sitting because they were short, fluffy stories that required very few brain cells to digest. Then there are others that I’ve read in one sitting because they were just that good, that I didn’t want to put them down. I must confess ‘Witch Wraith’ is one of those books. Fact is, I took an afternoon off from my own novel just so I could finish it.

But as I reached the end of the last paragraph and closed the cover there were several things I realized;  Terry Brooks has no problems killing off the majority of his characters (hero and evil bad guy/gals alike) and the end of the story is seldom if ever neatly tied up in a bow.

Fact is I’m never really sure if I’m happy or sad when its over.

It’s not that he leaves you hanging or wondering what the outcome is, the quest is always achieved and the mission is always accomplished. But at what cost? And was the price paid worth the endeavor?

And that’s the real question he asks throughout all his novels, especially in this trilogy: Does the means really justify the end? And the answer is….

So even though I was a little disappointed, okay, a lot disappointed, with the first novel “Wards of Faerie”, “Bloodfire Quest” and “Witch Wraith” have more than made of for it.

On my readers scale of 1-5 stars I’m giving “Witch Wraith” 4 stars for being just an all around great story.

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