Bloodfire Quest: The Review

15743703Bloodfire Quest; Terry Brooks, 2013; Del Ray

Bloodfire Quest, number two in Terry Brooks three part “Dark Legacy of Shannara‘ series.

As my readers know I was not very kind to Mr. Brooks in my review of “Wards of Faerie” and felt like his writing style had/has become rushed and far more commercialized than his previous works. And I still think that’s true but…I also said I believed that an author of his caliper would no doubt redeem himself…and he has, in spades.

Even though I miss the days when Terry Brooks spent a lot more time developing his characters, I  don’t miss the fact that it took forever for them to cross the mountain or whatever else it was they were crossing, wading, hiking or flying over/through or under.

I can also say that even though I felt the first book was rather stingy about giving us more background on the Druids, Elves and impetus for the journey they undertook, particularly the Aryd Rhys, again the author has more than made up for any lack I felt in the first book with the advent of the second.

Another change I have noticed about Mr. Brooks writing is that he never used to include anything more descriptive than ‘G’ rated scenes. But every since his “Word and Void” series (which I have to confess are some of my favorites reads) I’ve begun noticed the characters alluding to more than just ‘holding hands’.

I know…its the prude in me getting my panties all in a bunch. But all the same…I preferred the innocence of his first books only because I never had to worry about my eight year old picking up one of his books and reading it. Like Tolkien, there were wizards and druids and elves and shades and things that go bump in the night, but they still didn’t allude to taking their clothes off. Just sayin…

That doesn’t mean this series won’t go on my bookshelves. It certainly will, it’ll just have to be placed a little higher up, somewhere between  Brennan Manning, Brother Andrew, Ann Rice, J. R. R. Tolkien, Rick Riordan and Cassandra Clare and Cinda Williams Chima.

On my readers scale of 1-5 stars, I’m giving Bloodfire Quest 4 for ‘story well told’ and, 4.5 stars for keeping the faith – Terry Brooks is still one of the best fantasy story tellers around.

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