Dead Ever After: The Review

Dead Ever After; Charlaine Harris, 2013; Ace Books  15985348

From the first “Dead Until Dark” until ‘Dead Ever After” I have been a Sookie Stackhouse fan. But I’m not disappointed that we’ve finally reached the end of the road with our blonde, pony-tailed, telepathic heroine. I mean, lets get real here folks, a woman can only be stabbed, shot, bitten, spelled, immobilized and dumped by the dead just so many times before it’s time to make a few life choices that don’t start and end with things that go bump or groan in the night.

And for those fans that are moaning, groaning and whining about the choice Sookie did make, all I can say is, Get the heck over yourselves! From the beginning there was only one outcome for our heroine and it wasn’t among the dead. And besides that, what woman in or out of her right mind would want to spend the best years of her life staked to someone who can only come out to play after dark and has such a limited palette as A, B or O, and wouldn’t think twice about sampling which blood type your friends are?

Yet, as much as I like our blonde vamp magnet I enjoy Harris’s other series, such as the Lily Bard and Aurora Teagarden mysteries, just as much. Granted all the characters in these novels stay dead and the only thing ‘supernatural’ about them is possibly what color the antagonist colored their hair that week, but the same writing skills that made us love Sookie Stackhouse can be found in Charlaine’s other novels as well.

Which would then lead us to believe that it wasn’t as much the characters that made us run out and buy a copy of the latest Stackouse novel before the ink was even dry (as important as that is), as it was the ability of their creator to tell a really great story. And of course the natural conclusion to that line of thought would be, Where one story ends another can now begin.

On my readers scale of 1-5 stars, I’m giving Dead Ever After 3.5 stars for a good story and Charlaine Harris 5 stars for having the courage to help Sookie get on with her life.

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