The Tower: The Review

16065633The Tower; Simon Toyne, 2013; William Morrow

So I’ve finished the third book in the Ruin Trilogy and I will tell you’all that The Tower was every bit as good as Sanctus and The Key; not too shabby for a first time author.

That we should all be so favored as to produce such a great story the fist time out of the gate. It’s a good thing that I am eternally optimistic or I’d go shoot myself now.

Just kidding!

No not really!

Panic attack aside, I really did enjoy the book and am pleased that I’ve got another author to add to the list of,  ‘If so and so wrote it, then I gotta read it.’. Not only were the characters relatable but Toyne keeps the plot percolating even when he’s got you flying all over it. Never once did I get motion sickness or feel disorientated by the shifts from character to scene to geography to character again. And I have to give Simon credit for keeping the military jargon to a minimum.

But… and here it comes, my eyes did roll once or twice on the astrophysics part. TMD! And the result was I found myself skipping on… several times. Yet be that as it may, I did find the parts I could follow interesting.

Now I may not have agreed with Toyne’s theological suggestions or the conclusions he came to, but I can’t help but agree with the stories thought provoking questions: Can any religion, be it Christian or otherwise, justify acts of  violence or hatred with its writings or claims of authenticity and sovereignty? And where do we draw the line between Freedom of Religion and Homeland Security?

The Tower raised far more questions than it answered, but in the end it was still a really well told story that forced me to choose between my favorite TV program and it. Need I say more?

I also appreciate that Toyne’s writing is PG -13 friendly and that I wouldn’t be concerned handing it off to my grandchildren to read.

On my scale of 1-5 stars I’m giving The Tower 4 stars for a great story and 3 for tweaking my theology. Just kidding – I gave it 3.5.

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