The Dog in the Dark: The Review

S3B2_usaThe Dog in the Dark; Barb & J.C. Hendee, 2013; ROC

“The Dog in the Dark” is book thirteen in the Noble Dead series that has been broken up into three parts. And as much as I enjoy the Hendee team books (Barb & J.C.), I have to say its starting to become a struggle to get through these last two (“Between Their Worlds”). It’s not that the writing has deteriorated or that I’ve suddenly developed an aversion to elves, dampirs, fey, and things that go bump in the night. But what I am discovering is that when a story goes over three books and finds no resolution, my attention span begins to wane. And to top that off, by the time I finish the last page I’m almost as depressed as the characters themselves.

Let’s face it folks, when an author deferrers hope for too long, not only does it make the heart-sick, but it does nothing to enhance my desire to continue reading about the character’s failure to launch. And I’m not just picking on the Hendee’s. There are several other authors whose works I follow that  have written umpteen million books involving the same character(s) and I feel the same way about them. After a while it’s just time to let the poor things die. I might be disappointed. I might even call you bad names and rant about ‘how dare you – the author – kill off so and so” (I think that happened to Dana Stabenow when she had the courage to kill off our beloved Jack Morgan in “Hunter’s Moon”), but for the health of the character an author can’t always let the readers and publishers tell them what is or isn’t good authorship.

Anyhow. As a whole I like “The Dog in the Dark”. The character’s are well-developed, the storyline, though a little more convoluted than usual, is really good, and truly the Hendee team are one the better authors at being able to juggle multiple plots at once. But as for the stories continuance, I’d really like to move on.

Will I read the next novel in the series, “The Wind in the Night”? Darn Skippy I will. Remember, reader loyalty is Uno numeral with me, and whether I’m personally fed up with Lesil, Magiere, Chap, Brot’an, Wynn, Chane and Osha always being just one step ahead of disaster or not, I will stay with them until the last monster is destroyed.

S3B3_usaOn my reader’s scale of 1-5 stars, I’m giving “The Dog in the Dark” 4 stars for overall good story, and 3.5 stars making me depressed.

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