The Key: The Review

The Key; Simon Toyne, 2012; Harper Collins Publishers

Sancti Trilogy

It’s always a good thing when I come across a new author that expands my collage of reading material, by beckoning me to leave planet Shawn and visit worlds beyond; and this of course is what Toyne did with “Sanctus”, and continues to do with his second novel, “The Key”.

I’m not a huge fan of religious conspiracy theories – having grown up under the doom and gloom of dispensationalism – but I find Toyne’s approach to theology, relics, political intrigue, and romance to be refresh enough, that it was worth the read.

By taking a very old story and spinning it in an entirely new direction, the author forces his readers to step back and rethink a few things about; the Catholic Church, ecology, and the concept of ‘mother earth’. Which, with my proclivity towards chaos, I rather enjoy, as nothing gets people’s panties in a bunch faster  than to have their beliefs about creation, the fall, and what it is that keeps the universe spinning round, challenged.

I should know, I’m continually having to adjust my own.13092142

So if you like to be offended, and you don’t mind having your notions about the battle for good and evil, God, Jesus, and what really happens behind the closed doors of organized religion, then buy the book, find a comfy place to put up your feet, and prepare to be entertained.

If on the other hand, you believe it is your self-appointed  job to defend Scripture at all costs,  and thrive on being offended – even outraged – then I recommend the same thing; buy the book, find a comfy spot to put up your feet, and prepare to be offended.

Either way, you’ll have read a good book and helped promote a promising author.

On my readers scale of 1-5, I’m giving “The Key” a 3.5 for story, and a 4 for originality.


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