Sanctus: The Review

Sanctus; Simon Toyne, 2011; Harper Collinssanctus

Sancti Trilogy: There are times  when searching for new authors that I find myself reading a series out of sequence and this was one of those times.  My first discovery of Toyne’s work was when I picked up  “The Key;” the second novel in the Citadel series.  Which in turn meant that if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t be wasting my time going back and reading first “Sanctus”. Happy Accident that I liked  the second book so well I got on the library waiting list for its predecessor.

Now I know I have a tendency to compare good writing with good food, but the truth of the matter is their similarities are worth the mention. Just as the evidence of a really great chief is as much about the ingredients he or she uses to prepare a dish as it is the dish itself, so it is with an author. If the characters are not interesting, if the backstory, action, and suspense aren’t used in the correct proportions, if the whole is not blended together well, you’ll only get a good story – not a great one. And Simon Toyne, in my not so humble opinion, has written a great story – one on a parallel with Robert Ludlum’s Bourne series. Might even make a great movie.

His third in the series, “The Tower” is due to be released in June. And yes it will be on my list of MY READ NOW!

On my reader scale of 1 to 4 stars, Sanctus get 4 stars for being a great read.

Interview with Simone

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