Dragonstar: The Review

176254Dragonstar: Barbara Hambly, 2002; Del Ray

Reader loyalty, in my not so humble opinion, is one of the greatest weapons an author can have. Beside putting money in their pocket, loyal readers hold an authors reputation together during those times when brilliancy seems to have left the building and all they are left holding is a bag of good ideas and respectable prose.

It also gives them a much needed anchor from which to be able to redeem something that might need redeeming; like the third book in Barbara Hambly’s Winterland series – “Knight of the Demon Queen“.

So it was with immense relief when, no sooner had I reached the end of the first page of her fourth book, “Dragonstar”, that I knew all my trepidation over whether  I’d have to put it down or not, was in vain.

Within moments, all the things I so enjoyed about the first two novels were found within the first paragraph of this one. The authors dedication to character revelation; her commitment to scenes that moved the plot forward without losing the reader in mind numbing details;  her ability to make us empathize, relate, and compare our own challenges with those of our beloved hero’s – all there. All woven into the fabric of a story that once again leaves us with just enough resolution to make us feel warm and fuzzy, without smothering us in the afterglow.

In my reader scale of 1-5 stars, I have to give “Dragonstar” 4 stars.

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