Angelology:The Review

angelology“Angelology”Danielle Trussoni, 2010; Viking Penguin

One of my favorite things, as a both a reader and aspiring writer, is to come across someone who tweaks my theology,  my need for order, and turns them both arse -end – to – tea – kettle. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, you can bet your next latte, whoever  the author is that managed to do it, will earn a place forever on the shelves of  books I will read over and over again.

The folded spine of “Angelology” now rests second shelf, third from the left.


Danielle Trussoni, author of Falling Through the Earth: A Memoir, (Picador) has written her first fictional work, and almost from the outset,  manages to set the pages on fire.

Everything from subject matter, to story, to character development, to mystery and suspense, to literally pulling the reader into the minds and hearts of angel and angelologist’s alike; Danielle Trussoni grabs you by the soul and doesn’t let go. Even as a Christian, my interest in angels can be counted on one hand, but after reading this novel,  I feel compelled to read more, search more, and of course,  ask a lots of questions.

Throughout her book, Trussoni explores not just mankind’s fascination with Nephillium, sons of God, and the whole angel-God-man issue, but makes the reader take a longdaniella trussoni look at what it means to be – other than human.  To be infused with more than mere flesh and bone, blood and marrow.  And if your anything like me, one question will always lead to the next, and the next, and the next …

I’ve a sense much of her research has come from Catholicism – of which I have less than minimal knowledge of – but the novel raises so many new questions  in my own mind, that I refuse to be confined to such a narrow conclusion.

I personally know individuals who claim to have not only seen angels, but to have deployed them in spiritual battle; and from everyone of their accounts, angels are not warm and fuzzy dudes. They are powerful, dazzling, and seldom have regard for humans outside the will and purpose of God.

Doesn’t sound like “Angelology” falls far from the mark.

On my reader scale of 1-5, I’m giving Angelology a 4.5.

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