finnikin of the rock: The Review

img_1292199081_15047_1292564612_mod_162_219“finnikin of the rock”; Melina Marchetta, 2008; Candlewick Press

One of the very few challenges I find difficult about reading fantasy,  are those times when a new author creates another world, with characters and languages that are so far removed from this realm, I spend most of my time trying to figure out what in the heck they’re talking about.

Let’s face it,  with my short attention span, if I have to expend a lot of brain cells mastering a foreign language, when I could be reading one in a language I already know (like middle earth), then I’m going for the known every time.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I started reading “finnikin of the rock”, that Marchetta’s new world order didn’t get that reaction out of me. Fact is, she’s done such a great job of integrating the new with the old, that except for a few blips on my screen, there wasn’t that much difference between the world of Lumatere and mine.melinda marchetta

As a first time novice of her work,  I found myself thoroughly enjoying the book; the story is fast paced, interesting, and spiced with just enough intrigue and tension between characters, that it kept me from indulging in my usual three to four books at a time scenario (I like to read multiple books at once so as to keep from becoming bored, should the author hit a flat-line).

I don’t generally like my reviews to be just another synopsis of the book; there are enough people willing to do this you don’t need another. But I would like to comment on the authors infusion of community and the redemptive power of restoring relationships between children and parents; in this case, between Finnikin and his father, Trevanion. It is what ultimately under-girds the entire story and is quiet frankly, one of my favorite aspects of it.

The author may not have rocked my world, but as I said, she made hers interesting enough I was willing to vacation there,  and am looking forward to reading the second book in the series; “froi of the exiles” .

On my readers scale of 1-5, I’m giving “finnikin of the rock” a 3.5.

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