The Spirit Well:The Review

13497118The Bright Empire Series; Stephen R. Lawhead; Thomas Nelson

The Spirit Well

Well, now that we’ve reached the third book in the series “The Bright Empire” the juices of anticipation and excitement should have warranted a substantial reward; unfortunately, they didn’t.

What had all the makings for an increasingly good story flat-lined; causing the story, in my not so humble opinion, to lose momentum.

Instead of taking what he already had going in The Bone House, such as Burleigh’s obsession with the map, the escalating danger of Mina’s true identity being discovered, Kit’s super jump into the stone age or the spirit well itself, Lawhead starts to add other things to the mix, resulting in what is now a cacophony of under developed back stories.

Rather than adding another spindle to what is rapidly becoming a very crowded wheel, I would rather he spent the 375 pages of my time further developing the story he already had. Now I feel like I’ve been handed additional pieces to what already feels like an incomplete 5000 piece puzzle. And if you’ve ever had me as a puzzle partner, then you’ll know I tend to get snarly when I’m suddenly handed additional pieces I had no previous knowledge of. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

Will I read “The Shadow Lamp” 2013; #4 in the Bright Empire series?

Without a doubt!

As I said in my review of “The Skin Map“, I’m a loyal reader and I have complete faith,  that between here and The Fatal Tree (2014), Lawhead will answer all my unanswered questions, resolve all my unresolved issues, and bring this story to a great and successful conclusion.

On my readers scale of 1-5, I give this a 3.

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