The Bone House: The Review

BoneHouseThe Bright Empire Series; Stephen R. Lawhead; Thomas Nelson

The Bone House; 2011

In The Skin Map, Lawheads 2nd book in the “The Bright Empire” series, we find our characters once again zipping back and forth through time, popping in and out of each other’s lives, and thankfully standing still long enough for the reader to take a deeper look at just who they are.

I appreciate that the author spent more time developing his characters in this book than he did in the first, but I can’t say I like Kit Livingston any better …well maybe just a little; at least he stopped whining.

As for our antagonists, Burleigh and his Burley Men, even after the authors continued development, I would have still liked to have spent a little more time with him than I was given;  it might have helped me get a better handle on what it is that motivates him, other than greed and a inflated sense of self. On the other hand, that may be all there is to the man and Lawhead felt,  to say more,  would have defeated the purpose.

Regardless, I think as antagonists go, this one has great potential, and I only hope the author intends to cultivate his character further.

My motivation for reading the first book was one of author loyalty and previous  experience; pleased to say that upon finishing the first leg of the journey, Lawhead hooked me with enough interest that I was willing to give him a second go …and I wasn’t disappointed.

Of the two books, “The Bone House” is definitely  my favorite. Which can only mean that the story itself will get progressively better and better.

Who knows, by the end of the series, I may even change my mind about Kit.

On the scale of 1-5, “The Bone House” gets a 4.

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