Outlander: The Review

Gabaldon-Outlander-220x322Outlander; Diana Gabaldon, 1991; Delacorte Press

I’m always amazed at how a twenty hiatus from reading novels can net me with so many un-mined jewels. It’s like waking up from a coma, and discovering that all the Christmas presents I wasn’t there to open  are in the next room just waiting for me to go in and start tearing off the wrapping; it’s a an endless supply of fun, with hardly enough time to enjoy it all.

So of course my newest find is “Outlander” (Book 1 in the Outlander Series). What an amazing surprise. Not only because I love all things Scottish (oh let’s be honest, I’m an American woman, and if it’s got even the tiniest bit of brogue, cockney, Gaelic, or Aussie in it, I’m a puddle) but because its such a well written, face paced, historical novel.

And let’s not forget the love story!

Whew! My glasses were so fogged up, I should have had defoggers installed.

Which, knowing what a prude I am, says a lot for Gabaldon. Most novels with that much sex would have found themselves arse-to-tea-dianagabaldon010-2-225x300kettle in the trash can – unless the author is talented enough to write about it without making it sound like they learned about it from the back of a porn magazine.

Which this author is, and does.

Instead of writing her love scenes (and not so lovely scenes …Randall …grrrrr) forced and totally unrealistic, she composes hers with so much class, I even got through the really rough patches …with only a half-dozen murmured references to dull knives, body parts, and outrage.

Great sex scenes aside, there isn’t one character, outside of maybe poor Frank, that Gabaldon doesn’t make you feel something about; even if that something is intense hatred. It’s almost like reading a multiverse book; layer upon layer of texture, color, and depth; and that was just with words; imagine what it’ll feel like once it goes to film.

It is by far one of the most passionate books I’ve ever read.

Simply Brilliant! Everything from plot, to character development, to dialogue, to historical significance; the Outlander is a marvelous piece of work, and I can hardly wait to begin “Dragon Fly In Amber”.

On my reader scale of 1-5; Outlander scores a 5.

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