The Noble Dead Series

Barb & J.C. Hendee

From the Author:  From Wikipedia

Barb & J.C. Hendee live in a quirky small town just south of Portland, Oregon. They are the authors of the Noble Dead Saga. Learn more at:

Barb is also the author of the Vampire Memories series and the upcoming Mist Torn Witches series. Learn more at

J.C. and Barb share a home office with their desks pushed up against one another.

They garden year-round and grow a good deal of their own food.

They also seem to spend a good deal of time researching myths and folklore about vampires.

The Noble Dead Saga’s:

I discovered The Nobel Dead Saga’s: One & Two; about four or five weeks ago. As you know, I’m a voracious reader, so once I find an author I really like,  I”ll devour everything they’ve ever written. So between Kenneth Oppel’s – Victor Frankenstein Apprenticeship – and Stephen R. Lawhead’s latest series “The Bright Empire; Book 3, The Spirit Well, I just finished “In Shade & Shadow” (Series Two),  and am getting ready to delve into “Through Stone & Sea”.

There are several reasons I enjoy reading Hendee’s work. First off,  I love fantasy, vampires, and everything elves, dwarves, and alien lifeforms.

Secondly, the authors (husband and wife) are talented enough writers,  that they are capable of telling a story without overused profanity (not that I’m against profanity, just the substitutionary use of it when the author is either too lazy,  or too ignorant to look for something better)  or explicit sexual content (I image they just assume I have an imagination and I’m not afraid to use it).

“Whether he accepted the way Wynn saw the world or he believed any part of what she saw to come did not matter. If he ever wanted her, he had to want what mattered to her. It was necessary to believe in her. 

If he were ever to mean anything more to her, she had to be the heart of his faith.” Chane; Of Truth and Beasts. 

Thirdly, they  just tell good stories with continually evolving plot lines,  that are both entertaining and imaginative. After fifty years of Tolkien, Brooks, Anthony, La Guin and similar fantasy fiction writers, it can’t be easy coming up with a new slant on an old story. Yet somehow Barb Hendee and her husband did; damphirs, noble dead, fey dogs and Forgotten Wars.

There were one or two times (especially in Traitor to the Blood), when I got a little tired of reading about the whining desperation of Leesil trying to locate his Elven mother. But the authors managed to weave enough additional sub-plots into the stories framework,  that I was able to get over myself and keep going.

All and all I enjoyed Series One, and working my way through The Noble Dead Saga – Series Two.

The Vampire Memories Novels:

Once again Hendee has managed to put a new twist to an old tail: Vampire families with telepathic gifts. But in this series of tales, the vampire population is on the down swing and unless someone manages to eliminate the antagonist (Aren’t all vampires antagonist’s?) Julian, there won’t be any left to worry about.

The Vampire Memories are a great romp in fiction; something to take outside and read while your soaking up rays and throwing back ice cold tea. The characters are deep enough to engage your imagination, yet not so deep that your upset when one of them bites the dust (literally – vampires turn to dust when they’re killed, and it can be really challenging to breath  if your near one when it’s head gets whacked off).

So from “Blood Memories” to “Ghosts of Memories” I prophecy that the reader will have at least five great novels  to entertain themselves with.

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