Spammers | Chipped Beef

And Other Assorted Unwanted Garbage

Garnering advise from other successful bloggers, authors, and who-whats, I try to be diligent about keeping up will the comment department of both my blog, and the ones I  am a ghostwriter for. And as you’ve probably already guessed, it didn’t take me long to discover that not all spammer’s get spammed. Oh the really nasty – this is worse than porn – your mother should wash your mouth|mind out with soap – spam does. I guess those aren’t difficult for Spam Blockers to pick up (but occasionally even one or two of those manage to get through). But after awhile, I start feeling like I’ve just waded into a chat room whose occupants are more like pubescent teenagers than adults.

Yet when I started to investigate how to block this kind of garbage from clogging up the comment stream, I discovered that often its the very spammers I’m trying to get rid of, that are the ones trying sell me the software to keep them out. Much like the notorious Kim Dotcom, it seems many of these dubious internet leeches get off on creating havoc and then selling its remedy.

Urban Dictionary: spammer; A clever, diabolical person who gets free non-stop advertisement across the globe in millions of people’s electronic mail boxes.

What is it about liberty and the right to be a jerk that fuels that kind of thinking? In a country where we haven’t yet taken up throwing our  dissidents into prison for being smarter than the average bear, it seems to me that abusing that freedom will eventually lead to self-destruction, ie; creating more and more laws to stop online mayhem,  which will ultimately leads to censorship, and big brother getting even bigger.

And it’s not just the twenty minutes I have to waste going through this stuff; it’s the whole, “What makes you think I would have anything to do with you now?” that makes me growl, and say very un-lady like things. Do they honestly think that spamming my blog site will generate some dormant need to buy whatever it is their trying to sell, or waste anther twenty minutes looking at theirs? Why would anyone in their right mind want to create links or association with individuals who only want to spam you? It’s like going on a blind date and discovering that the other party has no interest in anything that’s going to take longer than ten or fifteen minutes of their time.

Not only are they irritating, but a lot of them use our URL’s, Podcasts etc. to monetize their own sites, or generate more mischief on yours(should you make the mistake of clicking on whatever it is their trying to sell).

In my not so humble opinon, spammers are individuals who are either too lazy to invest in themselves and the community they’re so desperately trying to be a part of, or their demented twits who need to get another life. In either case, they’re intrusion into my email or  the comment stream of blog sites,  makes it harder for those who are legitimately trying to engage in the community to even get their comments read.

I’m not personally fond of censorship (I like my freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and the ability to make my own choice to just say no), but after spending the better part of my morning wading through this kind of stuff, I’d almost reconsider…almost. But since I refuse to forfeit my freedom over their lack of integrity, I’ll just have to keep doing to them what I’ve done with anyone who tries to feed me congealed meat in a can…politely say “No thank you”, and scrape it in the garbage.

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