Blog Site-ing for Dummies | Why?

4 Reasons Why You Want to Blog

Anyone who has ever ventured out onto the Social  Highway of BS (Blog Site-ing) for the first time,  knows that within moments of Googling ‘blogs’,  you can become totally overwhelmed by all the possibilities. And if your anything like me, the moment details start rolling by like credits on a movie screen, your eyeballs do an immediate retreat to the back of your head;  leaving you with  no other option but to close the lid to the laptop (yes,  I still use such a dinosaur),  and go get another cup of really, really strong coffee.

Recently a writer friend of mine lost a long-held position writing a column for a local newspaper.  Now, many months later and still unable to find anything life defining,  he’s faced with the daunting decision of whether to jump on this ever-widening Hwy of BS; and if so, how to do it without getting lost in the process.

As several of us ‘bloggers’ jumped into the fray of discussion, I was not surprised to find that many of the issues he brought up,  were similar to those I had a year ago.  Let’s face it, when you’ve been doing the same job for over twenty-five years,  and you suddenly find yourself facing  a three hundred fifty foot drop to parts unknown, the whole process of first time blogging, social media, and Personal Branding can be a little frightening.

So,  being the information junkie that I am, I decided to treat this post as if my friend and I were sitting in Starbucks, drinking a fine cup of Kenya, and I was trying to help him navigate his way through least one lane change without getting run over.

Which meant we needed to start where all life defining questions begin;  Why?

Why do you want to start a blog? It may sound kind of childish, but didn’t God say that out of the mouth of babies… so before my friend can even begin  thinking about details like;  how to set up a blog, or what to right on it; he needs to start at the beginning.

So after cursing the net to find out what  bloggers thoughts on the matter,  I took a survey and narrowed it down to these:

4 Reasons to Start a Blog.

  • Sharing the Journey

One of the amazing things about having,  and posting on a blog,  is the ability to share whatever journey your own with others across the world.   A great example of this would be of my personal favorite Vanessa Katsoolis; a Kiwi from down-under, whose blog   journals her efforts to stay single (no boyfriend, no sex, no handholding, no dating etc.) for a thousand days,  while she finishes school and re-prioritizes her life.

  • Business Tool

As every business,  info peddling Blog site like Blogging Tips  will tell you; writing blogs | articles about your product or services,   is a must if you want to successfully drive customers to your web site.  By  submitting articles with good, knowledgeable, content on social sites like; Stumble Upon, Tumblr, Squidoo,  Technorate, Delicious and Linkedin,  you are putting your company’s name out on the internet where others can see and connect to it.

  • Personal Branding

This is one of my personal favorites.

In earlier posts on Personal Branding@ 3.0,  I covered five reasons why developing an online presence is absolutely necessary for writers, artists and anyone else who makes a living connecting with the human race. With the percentage of people competing in every area of society  greater than the national debt,  creating PB can make the difference between obscurity and visibility.

  • Creative Outlet

More and more people are using the as the place to express their creativity and individuality. Several sites that immediately come to mind are: Coca J. Ginger ‘s blog for creative prose; Lynne Spreen  an author who shares about the joy of being over fifty, and Christine Friesenhahn , whose blog site,  Texana’s Kitchen  fattens us up on Texas style food,  while entertaining us with the secret lives of adolescent boys.

Starting a blog site is a lot like raising children. If you’re not willing to continually invest in its life, you’re better off visiting someone else’s and spend your energy elsewhere.  Next week my friend and I will take a look at Moving Into The Neighborhood: where and how to start your first blog site.


  1. onethousandsingledays · November 22, 2012

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing my site on your own wonderful blog, I am truly honoured that you would take the time to share my story with others, I really appreciate it.
    Thank you,

    • SSpjut · November 22, 2012

      Ur welcome.

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