Personal Branding @3.0|Grass Roots 1.05

Sharing the Glory

You’ve worked your kester off establishing your name, building a community, creating a credible-online presence, and getting that novel written, edited and published. The first ebook is already at and the hardcopy is due to hit the market anyday now. So all that’s really left to do before you hit the road and spend the next gazillion days of your life promoting it is…Celebrate! Party! Get together with your peeps and let the world know that despite what Uncle Carl and Aunt Suzie said about getting a real job, you’ve done it. Wrote your first book, seen it through the birthing canal of re-write>edit>production and now your ready to let your hair down (or take off the baseball cap if you don’t have hair) and get down.

Having not personally reached this milestone of success…yet,  I quickly went to Google and typed in ‘Writers Celebrating’.

I’m not sure what I expected, but it certainly wasn’t what I found. Instead of tequila shots, BBQ’s, block celebrations and rented limo’s (with the top open and someone standing up singing “We Are The Champions” by Queen),

all I could find were sober book readings, more conferences and dull, boring people talking about writing the next book (Yes I know that getting onto the next novel is crucial, but must we forget that we could also die tomorrow, and then where would that leave us?). So instead of ending this rather long series on Personal Branding with yet another sobering thought, I decided to give you something else. A visual of what celebrating all that hard work might look like instead.

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