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Five Reasons to Blog Consistently

Keeping up with the Jones’s of authorship and platform building can be an exhausting, and on some days, seemingly unprofitable way to spend a writers time. What with getting the initial story down, working through the  labyrinth of editing, plus all the SM  we need to  stay in  the loop, we all wish we had more time in  a day than God allotted for.

But since we don’t, how do emerging writers like you and I find a way to juggle our writing time, stay connected, pump out a stream of  intelligent blog posts, go on the occasional date and still remain sane?

Well the good news is that while researching for my post, Personal Branding | Creating Author Visibility, I came across  Five Reasons.

  • Time

Blogging on a consistent schedule actually frees up more of our time, rather  than posting sporadically or on impulse.   By intentionally setting aside time to research, write and link our blog posts,  not only are we managing our time better, but we are,  in fact, giving ourselves an opportunity to develop  better content, communicate it more succinctly, and potentially  appear  more brilliant than we truly are.

  • Discipline

By committing to regularly posting we are learning  how to produce  quality content under deadline, whether we feel inspired to or not.  It’s one way of  forcing ourselves to push past that first creative stall,  and dig down deeper. Author of Lowcountry Bribe,  C. Hope Clark  said during her podcast interview with Austin Moss, that learning to write under deadline is one of the major tools that helped her become a better writer,  by teaching her how to say more,  with less.

  • Personal Branding

I’ve already covered this in my post on Personal Branding | Creating Author Visibility. But let me just add,  that not only is  blogging an invaluable tool to building an author’s platform, but it adds worth to the community he or she has moved into.

  • SEO Rating

Part of  our SEO rating has to do with content and consistency.  According to Corey Eridon of  blog.hubspot.comblogging on a regular schedule is critical to the continued success of SEO’s. Without it  Google may no longer put us on page ranking that is higher than that found in the outer Siberia of Internet-land.

  • Value

When we’re posting quality content on a consistent basis, we add value to our site by assuring those that follow us,  that when they stop by for a visit, there is an excellent chance that they’ll find exactly what they’re looking for.

So what kinds of tools can we use to help us do a better job of blogging consistently? Here are two I discovered and began implementing in order to improve my own attempts.

  • Blogging Template

Using blogging templates for creating content aid you and I in keeping our ideas, resources and content flow more organized. The blog template works as a guideline by helping us stay within the perimeters of where we started  and where we need to end.  In his post “Six Blog Post Templates That Highly Effective Bloggers Use“, Don McAllister shares where he gets  his own inspiration for blogging templates from.

  • Editorial Calendar

Another tool that helps is called an Editorial Calendar. Michelle Linn, Content Developing Director for Content Marketing details this in her post, How to Put Together and Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing”.

Because of my need tactical visibility, I use Office Suite’s “Notebook” (a program that lets me create notebooks, build files, store source material, embed media and drop-drag whatever I’ve written or copied), Free Mind as well as good old fashion sticky notes.

So when should you and I start attempting to organize and schedule our posts, now.

If you’ve been neglectful and suffer from sporadic-posting-disorder; repent,  go and grab your favorite creative legal stimulant and get going. If on the other hand you’ve been a good writer and have tried and tried, but just haven’t gotten the swing of it yet; repent, go and grab your favorite legal stimulant and try it again.

Now for other A-Type personalities such as myself, a little humor along the way.

What are the things that inspire you to blog more consistently? What kind of tools have you discovered that have helped? Go ahead, start the conversation.


  1. Thanks for sharing my post. Great reasons here!

    • SSpjut · July 31, 2012

      Thanks Don. I liked your site as well. Put it up on my Reader Board.:)

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