Mr. Darcys Bite

By Mary Lydon Simonsen

By Mary Lydon Simonsen

If I hadn’t been such a huge Jane Austin | Mr. Darcy | Elizabeth Bennet fan, I might not have picked this up. But I am and so that’s all I’ll say on that.

For an afternoon read where classic, meets romance, meets paranormal, it’s not bad. One does get tired of Mr. Darcy’s forever pompous chivalry and Miss Bennet’s ever-so-ready to be offended at any cost personalities, but in the end, this reader can’t help remembering Collin Firth’s bedroom eyes, curly dark hair and very stylish knee high boots, or Jennifer Ehle, (whose talents extend far beyond TV mini-series to movies such as, Contagion, The Ides of March, The Kings Speech and Possession) and her forever dimples, mischievous eyes and kick your male butt attitude.

For a moment there you might have thought I was reviewing the TV minis series, Pride and Prejudice.  Sorry. Got off on a fantasy bunny trail.

Where was I, oh yes, “Mr. Darcy’s Bite”.

Though nowhere near the same caliber as Jane Austin, Mary Lydon Simonsen did a decent job of staying within character, as well as adding a little something extra. If you’re looking for light reading while sitting by the pool side, by all means read this. It will probably fulfill any needed Darcy-Bennet addictions you might have, as well adding a mild dose of the paranormal to spice it up (not a lot, just enough to keep the drama of Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth’s inevitable swords of miscommunication sharpened).

Her story meets all the criteria of romance, PG-13 sex (a lot of suggestion with very little detail, and only mild blushing) as well as making the reader wonder what Colin Firth would look like as a werewolf.

In the list of authors whose work changed my life, this is not one of them. But on the shelf of those interesting enough to read in one setting, Simonsen scores a 3. (The fact that I kept reading says a lot. Lately I’ve put down more books than I’ve finished.)  I liked it well enough to search the net for other Darcy books she’s written:

Searching for Pemberley

The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy

A Wife for Mr. Darcy

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