Morphing at the Speed of Light


Writer’s Stardate: 5-23-2012

Writers, Blogger’s and Wannabe’s:

Recently I have had to put a temporary hiatus to the re-write on my novel while I invest in the more pressing socialistic needs of finding a way to pay the bills. This necessary pause has been both painful as wells as enlightening.

 In my last post In Search of SEO’s I mentioned that I had been given the opportunity to do some free-lance writing for friends of mine who are in the birthing stages of a new company, and are themselves in the midst of the flux capacitor of change that is causing all of us involved to morph (whether we like it or not) at the speed of light.

And as with all cosmic forces of change, this current one is causing the left part of my brain (the A-Type > analytical > cathectic > card-carrying > post-it-note personality) to wake up on three out of ten mornings on the cusp of yet another panic attack muttering, “My God girl, you are so far over your head right now that drowning you would be an act of mercy.”

Yet it’s those other seven days of right brain > free-falling bliss (the other two-thirds of me that  loves jumping off cliffs, developing wings on my way down and screaming, “What’s the worst that can happen?”),  that comes fully awake asking the Lord, “So where to now Kemosabe?”

 Even if my right brain hasn’t figured it out yet, at least the left side knows that once again we’re on a great adventure and the possibilities for treasure are endless.

But just so my faithful follower’s don’t think I’ve abandoned myself entirely to the ‘crass-ism of socialism’, I have delegated three days a week to blog on my own site, work on my SM platform and edit my non-fiction book (which I hope to have finished by the end of this summer). I also have plans to begin a second non-fiction book that follows along the same lines as the first (I already have a title, theme as well as a loose outline). Throw into that mix the work I’m doing to help my new employers get their own business and books up and running, and you’d have to admit that my cup doth runneth over.

There are tons of opportunities in this new season of my life to soak up some really great information. If someone had come up a year and a half ago and asked me what I was doing to develop my SM platform, build an internet relationships and get my name and work out where other’s could read and give me feedback, I’d have stared at them for thirty seconds, tried to swallow past the terror of ignorance and made up something that I hoped would have been misleading enough that most people wouldn’t know just how clueless I really was.

Yet now when I read terms like content, tag, categories, ping, SM, SEO, SMM, Ezine etc I not only feel all warm and fuzzy, but I can nod in all the right places, swallow with relative ease and actually add to the conversation. And I don’t feel the least bit stupid stopping someone and asking them to explain some new technology, writing tool or networking term I have neither seen nor heard before.

So the fictional work may have to simmer on the creative back burner of my right brain for a little while longer, but I am convinced, that by the time I am able to go back and once again make writing my novel a priority, I will not only have become a much more skillfully honed writer,  but will have a social media platform that will make even the left side of my brain lean back, pull on its long-handled mustache and say, “Well I’ll be darned. She figured it out after all.”

And for those of you that are sharing similar unmapped experiences, you’ll be able to appreciate what that means.

From the laptop of an uncensored dreamer


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