In Pursuit of SEO’s

Intellegent Blogging

I recently took a hiatus from working on my novel in order to do some free lance writing for a startup company that needed someone to be their SEO/SM marketing person, while they worked on the more technical aspects of the biz such as; Web building, product research and the tangible promotion of services. Since my passion for writing is only second to my passion for good coffee, I jumped on the chance (the fact that they were willing to pay wasn’t a bad incentive either), and almost hurt myself when I hit the proverbial brick wall of stupidity (mine, not theirs).

For some reason I thought that blogging on my own website, working on a novel, prompting with a local writing group, combined with a voracious hunger for reading qualified me to boast that I knew anything about what it took to create a credible looking online media platform.

Within forty eight hours of taking the job I knew I was in trouble. After another twenty six I was ready to change out the venti size cup of joe for an equally large glass of Pinot Noir and tell my new employer’s that I’d just been diagnosed with a terminal case of writer’s block and  didn’t have more than a week to live.

Seriously! The first marketing video they gave me to watch was about what to do within the first 21 days  and when I was finished I found I had  a quarter size bald patch on the back of my head (I tend to twist my hair when I’m nervous and the rotations have been known to increase from zero to 6o mpr in just a little under thirty seconds) and  a sharp decline in available Costco Ant-Acid’s left in the last of my two pack.

Fortunately for all concerned, my new employer’s are also long time close friends and after giving me email to email CPR (don’t ask how that worked), instructing me in the much needed disciple of taking numerous deep – even –  breaths (as well as reminding me of the dangers of mixing alcohol with keyboards), reassured me that everyone involved was on a huge learning curve and if I’d just remember that the God Lord is for me and not out to get me, I’d soon realize that it wasn’t as bad as I had worked myself into believing.

And they were right.

Not only wasn’t it as bad as I’d originally thought, but when all the hysteria was cleared away I found that I had scored educationally in a way that only recipients of large life altering grants did.

It seems that the marketing company they’d hired to help them launch this new endeavor also supplied my friends with some pretty amazing training webinar’s from; how to tag and link your blogs/articles effectively, developing html/URL’s that get you first up on SEO’s, writing for recognition to the difference between a SEO, SEM and SMM.

Thankfully it didn’t take me long (after the initial break down) to realize, that not only had I been given this wonderful opportunity to earn some much needed cash, but I had inadvertently been handed the keys to veins of information that would have quite possibly taken me months, if not years to acquire (and then only if someone had been kind enough to have handed me a list of Everything You Need Go And Research In Order To Build Yourself A Credible Online Platform).  

So for those of you that have taken a leap of faith by following me, I’m giving you fair warning; the next couple of months of blogging will in all likelihood be full of everything from Promoting Yourself Through Intelligent Blogging to Marketing Yourself via Forum’s, Comments and Ezines. As long as you’re willing to share the journey, I’m willing share the information.

From the laptop of an uncensored dreamer



  1. EEOrme · May 2, 2012

    I am your humble student. Wonderful blog. I’m looking forward to learning from your amazing experience. I need to somehow get my wordpress page linked to my url and my twitter account. I did the Ezines article though. Thanks for the tip.

    • SSpjut · May 3, 2012

      I’m honored by the following. As a information junkie I am always willing to share the journey with who-so-ever-will. It’s been my experience that if I’m struggling with something then there has to be at least one other person who is too. So why not share the information instead of hording it. Life is just too short for such smallness. 🙂

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