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Stardate 4-21-2012

 Writing beyond an author’s need to express themselves in today’s market requires greater social media intelligence than simply writing a web blog, article or even a book. In an age where we can access an abundance of information at speeds faster than light, it isn’t enough to simply know how to produce a well written story or be current on the correct style or use of grammar. No, the author or writer who aspires to have their work seen by a greater audience than family, friends and support groups is going to have to come to terms with the cold hard facts that in order to become visible to the reading consumer at large, they will need to also become as educated about marketing their wares as they are about producing them.

Recently I started blogging for a friend of mine who is so busy with the hands on portion of their business that they have absolutely no time to blog about it, let alone promote said wares on the social media highway.  In the process of gathering as much information as I could to set them up with their own blog site as well as help locate the multitude of communities where they can network with other like minded individuals, I found my own tool box of helpful blogging tips and resources growing by leaps and bounds.

The cornucopia of willing individuals who love to share their experiences and advice is literally mind boggling. I discovered everything from how to overcome the sometimes indecipherable site managing tools on, to what is pinging (pro’s and con’s), to the best sites to be social and the site netiquette that goes with it.  I discovered ways with which to improve my blog and its content as well as researchingkey words or ‘tags’ (and all this time I thought they were talking price tag’s at Macy’s) so that when other bloggers or social media investigators are searching through this vast pile of internet knowledge, they will find my work in the stack (hopefully closer to the top than the bottom).

With greater and greater demands being put upon authors, writers and blog composer’s to promote and market themselves (both on the internet highway as well as the hands on physical realm) it behooves us to spend a portion of our time sorting through this vast sea of rapidly changing – enlarging – transforming spectrum of evolution in order to gather as many of those tools to ourselves as possible.  Unless you’re an established NY Times Bestselling Author (and that will only take you so far), syndicated journalist ( who must still continue proving  that they’re work is worth paying for) or  a well known blogger it is no longer enough just to be a really good writer who knows how to spin a tale or deliver an exceptional prose. Unless we are willing to enlarge our repertoire of talents to encompass sales and marketing as well, we’ll never see our literary efforts become more than just a fly speck in the whirlwind of overnight media moguls and disappearing literary giants.

From the laptop of an uncensored dreamer


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