Celebrating That Which Inspires Us To Write

Writer’s Blog: Stardate 4-7-2012

Writers and Wannabe’s;

I once heard a woman say that life was too short to spend it with people who don’t celebrate who you are. As a young adult I don’t think I understood that, but now that I’m older and have experienced both side of relationships, I couldn’t agree more. Life is just too short to waste it with individual’s who don’t think we’re incredible just as we are.

It’s also too short not to take time away from the novel, article, prose or whatever else we’re working on and find someone to celebrate who we are and what we’re doing.

Last night I spent the evening doing just that. And it wasn’t easy because the whole time I was away from my laptop and with my friends,  there was a nagging voice in my head calling me back to the keyboard and the character  I left standing in the middle of a parking lot remembering his past. It was that same voice which wakes me up at three or four in the morning and reminds me that it’s time to get up, get  the coffee percolating (does anyone percolate coffee anymore ) and finish the scene I left dangling on ‘Save’ when I abandoned it to pursue more selfish things like dinner and re-runs of The Big Bang Theory.

As easy as it is for us to go into whatever writing cave we go to, and immerse ourselves in the world of whatever novel, article or prose we are currently working on, I think setting aside intentional blocks of time to spend with those who practice the simply pleasure of being together, is as much a part of the writing process as the laptop, pen, paper or journal we use to record with. Whether we consciously recognize it or not, without those moments of social interaction (by social interaction I don’t mean FB, Twitter or texting) – in which we take the time to look each other in the eye, laugh, cry, argue, shout and hug –  our best efforts will lack the texture, depth and passion that inspires us to bring them to life.

So last night I clamped a muzzle on the literary muse that lives in my head, dug out my party clothes (which let’s face it, anything that doesn’t consist of sweats, T’s and slippers for me at this point,  qualifies as ‘dress up’) and went out to celebrate the birthday of a friend of a friend. The food was great, the double chocolate cake was superb and the people I laughed with, swapped stories   and hugged goodbye to were the Devonshire cream that made it all worthwhile.  

From the laptop of an uncensored dreamer



  1. Henrietta C. Patten · April 16, 2012

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    • SSpjut · April 23, 2012

      Thanks. I enjoyed writing it.

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