Fresh Perspective On An Old Story

Writer’s Blog: Stardate 03-06-2012

Dreamer, Writer’s and Wannabe’s

One of my goals for this year, besides getting my first novel finished, is to start writing short stories and entering them in writing competitions. According to the profuse amount of information available,  one of the many ways in which a writer can make themselves more attractive to  agents and publisher’s  (Reminds me of dating websites [not that I’ve ever visited one] where each person must convince the other’s that they are in fact,  a superhero in disguise.),  is to have entered their work in writing contests and won.

Several years ago ( in a previous life), I trained and showed horses. One of the things about that particular profession that I found the most distasteful, was having to compete for recognition before individuals who made their choices  based upon their own biased preference – both for myself as well as my students. Time and time again I saw accolades awarded to individuals simply because of their name and ability to influence the masses, rather than on any real talent or ability.

But here I am, in another life,  faced with the same mind-set as before;  those who promote themselves and find a way to influence the judges are the ones who will be recognized.

The basic’s of life seldom change – only the players can.

Yet,  do to my passion for writing, I am  choosing to confront and slay the dragon of inevitability, to do whatever it takes  to become a successful, published author.   Now  I may not always win the prize, but at least I now value myself and talent enough, that regardless of what the judges say, I intend to keep on writing until I either wear them down with my insurmountable stubbornness, or overwhelm them with my brilliance. Preferably a little of both.

From the lap top of a uncensored dreamer,


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