Short Story: In Retrospect….

In Retrospect …..

I woke this morning thinking, Leap Year  and, Will adding one more day to my life actually make a difference in the greater scheme of things? Or for that matter, not adding one more day– how will that change anything?

In hind sight I’m forced to wonder, if I’d only had 365 days in 2012 instead of 366,  would I  still be sitting here, starring through the vertical iron slits of my window overlooking the Hudson river, trying to keep from gagging on the stench of its fetid waterways?

In retrospect, it only takes a moment in which the decisions we make have the potential to change our lives and alter our future.  Just as the lens of a camera or the magnification of a microscope will allow us a glimpse of those things not readily available to the naked eye, so too does the careful deliberation of our thoughts and actions give opportunity for viewing that precise point of origin where a single thought had the power to determine our place of destination.

Am I suggesting that we can truly look back over the events of our lives and locate that one single thought which, when acted upon, was  powerful enough to alter our entire existence – to shape our future or lack of. Yes, I am. All things must have a beginning, even if that beginning was as visible as a catastrophic explosion in outer space or as invisible as a single celled organism with the chromosomal DNA to split and multiply itself. Within each of those events, whether seen or unseen, was a nanosecond of action or thought which altered life as someone or thing knew it.  It was the point of origin that will someday determine our universal place of destination.

Meeting William was a lot like that, a split second choice in which I could  turn right or left and walk around him – or stay on my current path and force the confrontational option of  “Hi, my name is Erin.” or “Do you mind? You’re standing in my way.”

Now your argument might then be, “Yes, you had to chose whether to go around him or speak, but nothing would have happened had he not responded to the intrigue of someone as decisively ordinary as yourself attempting to foster an acquaintance with someone as ostentatiously important as he.“

But then I’d have to counter,  “But if I had not chosen to speak to him, then he would have had no compunction to address me to begin with, which in turn would have led him to have taken a different path home that night, a simple change of destiny. Which then would have resulted in there having never been an affair or the subsequent altercation in which I felt my only recourse was to remove, once and for all,  a cranium supporting such condensation towards others. One in which, in my ordinary opinion, the world was better off without. “

From the lap top of an uncensored dreamer



  1. Boyd Hoheisel · May 9, 2012

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

    • SSpjut · May 22, 2012

      Thanks for reading. I belong to a writer’s group and part of networking with each other is bi-monthly prompts. This was my response to In Restrospect.

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